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OSF's Company Cabaret Sets the Stage for the Season!

The Company Cabaret for the Oklahoma Shakespearean Festival has evolved over time from a showcasing of talent into a production that has beautiful structure, flow, and feels neatly tied together in a bow. So much of this fluidity is helped by the brilliant guidance of Natalie Weaver, your MC for the night. Natalie has a star power on stage that is undeniable, whether she’s spinning a tale or singing a song. She wasn’t the only one with true star power in this show, though. If you’ve never seen Sarah Lehmann or Kelly Lynn Smith perform in person, I highly recommend you purchase a ticket and make sure you can before this show closes. Though they’re both very different performers, they both have such a strong presence on the stage, clear acting skills, and voices that demand your attention. Antavius Draughn and Benjamin Hild were also spectacular. They both clearly felt at home on the stage and had numbers that made you wish the singing would never stop. Overall, every performer from The Company Cabaret had strong voices, clarity in story, and beautiful movement. The two group numbers in this show make it clear that this cast is unstoppable, powerful, and dynamic in ways that we don’t often get from cabarets. If these are the people we’ll be watching in the other shows OSF offers this season, then I will be back.


Aphra Behn

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