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Investing in the arts means...

...investing in individuals. Keeping the arts and arts education accessible allows everyone, regardless of age or cultural/socioeconomic background, to discover new skills, passions, even a sense of identity and self-worth. It teaches empathy, imagination, discipline, expression, and joy. It provides every unique voice with a stage. Individuals who have been invested in in this way can create a better, well-rounded, collective community. Investing in the arts means investing in a brighter future for all.

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For 45 years, we have been investing in lives and teaching children, young and old through the arts. Now we are asking for your help. Investing in OSF is simple! With either your time or money, you can invest in keeping the dream alive for another 45 years.

2019 Children's Theatre
No Day But Today - 1998

Peter Pan (2019)

No Day But Today (1998)

Fill Will's Head

Last season, our goal was to raise $15,000 by July 1, 2022. And with your help, WE DID IT! The funds raised went toward helping us invest in the futures of anyone who walks through our doors. You can still invest! If you would like to donate, you can send a check directly to us, drop off a donation to the VPAC or scan the code below and invest using Venmo. However you choose to give, we thank you in advance.

Fill Will Full

Thank you to our Donors and Sponsors!

Angie Holland Sullivan
Anne Wintle Ortega
Aprill Mangrum Raines
Aubrey Tarantino
Bale Hadley
Beth Childers Hoffman
Beth Robinson
Betty Clay
Betty Wintle
Brian Lee
Brooke Glory
Carol Hill
Carole Tillman
Caroline Hill
Carolyn Martens
Charles Werner ED.D
Charlotte Downs ​Hamil
Chasity Carper
Chata Foundation
Cherokee Communications
Christina Hinchey
Cindy Ruhl
Connie Brewer
Dan and Mary Ann Criage
Dani Mackey
David W. Whitlock
Debbie Bell

Debbie Bragg

Deborah Clements

Dena Spears Sherrill

Dr. Charles Weiner

Durant Education and Service Sorority
George Williams
Hans Venable
Heather Hillburn Burrage
Jack and Dottie Liwai
James O. Young
Janet McCollum
Janet Reed
Janie Umsted
Jeff K and Valerie Robinson
Jennifer Mussett
Jenny Young Sanchez
Jeremy Blackwood
Joe C and Margaret Taylor
John Risso
Kalyn Free pe
Karen Maple
Kay Ann Parham
Kelly D'Arcy
Kiwanis International
Laura Lamb Atchley
Lauren Boone

Margaret P. Taylor
Marion Hill

Marilyn Hitchcock
Marti Phillips
Michael Scheuerman
Mila Zhu
Mrs. Betty Williams

Natalie Weaver
National Endowment for the Arts
Oklahoma Arts Council
Paul Craun IIl and Carroll K. Craun
Phyllis Rustin
Rebecca Collins
Riley Risso Coker
RNN Cross Family foundation
Robin Hopkins Fugate

Shalee Buzan
Sharon Morrison
Sharon Robinson
Southeastern Oklahoma State University
Stephanie Davison
Stephanie Gardner
Susan Hallman

Taylor Ray Donaldson
Terry and Lana Lee
The OSF Board
Thomas Marcum
Tracy Arnold

More ways to give...


You can always give to OSF via Venmo!

Scan the QR code or search

Oklahoma-ShakespeareanFestival to give digitally. Venmo is a quick and easy way to support the arts!

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